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Taking your tattoo experience to another level

We are one of the top leading studios in the country, setting new standards for the industry

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Top quality, one-off pieces

Our highly experienced tattooists will help you create something that no one has. We customise designs to our customers specification and requirements. We can create a design for your dream tattoo in any style. 

Friendly envoirment

Our goal is to create a friendly, positive, welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Tattoo studios can be intimidating - therefore we try our best to provide a positive environment and we'll make sure that every costumer leaves with a big smile on their face :) 


Walk-ins are welcome

Walk-ins are always welcome. If you have any ideas, please fill in our form on our website and we will get back to you within an hr or sooner on our opening times. Alternatively you can pop in to discuss your ideas in person.

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