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Deposit policy

Our studio has a strict deposit policy. Please ensure that you read it and understand each point before booking in. Feel free to give us a ring for any further questions.

all deposits are final and non-refundable

All appointments require a deposit in order to secure the booking. Deposits are non refundable and are deducted from the final amount paid on the day of your tattoo appointment. We hold this policy in place to ensure the artists are compensated for their time and for any other booking request they turn down in order to keep the requested booking.

Booking time / date change

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to reschedule and transfer the deposit over to a new appointment. Failure to notify the shop of any changes will result in losing your deposit.

How many times can I move my appoitment?

Your appointment and deposit can be moved only 1 time if given 48hrs or more notice. 

Can I get my money back?

No - sorry. After you made a booking, we won't be able to refund your deposit for any given reasons.


in extremely rare situations you are liable for a refund if:
1. Your tattoo artist cancelled or is trying to reschedule your appointment in under 48 hrs or sooner to your booking time
2. Your tattoo artist failed to arrive to your appointment

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