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Tattoo aftercare:

Day 1-3
Keep it wrapped in cling film for at least 3-4 hrs but no longer than 12. If you need to change it - you can, just wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before touching it. If for some reason you need to change wrapping, please don’t apply any creams before re-wrapping it. Please don’t put any cream for first 2-3 days. Don’t let anyone touch it. Keep it away from pets. You don’t want to get it infected. Don’t forget to ALWAYS wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before touching it. Keep washing your tattoo 1-2 times a day. Use soap if needed.

Day 3-10
At day 3 your tattoo shouldn’t be in pain anymore. Sometimes it might take longer for pain to go away. It also should be slowly getting into “wrinkly” stage and start to feel dry and itchy. Now it’s good time to start applying moisturising cream.. Apply it 2-3 times a day. Put even thin layer and spread it evenly through out your tattoo. It should look shinny. Repeat it until all the flaky skin/ scabs falls off. During this perion, you can’t swim, take baths only quick showers. Don’t pick scabs/ flaky skin! It can cause scarring, or make your tattoo fade.. Wait until everything falls by itself. It might take a while - so be patient.

Day 10+
Your tattoo should be healed by now. If it’s not - don’t worry. Sometimes it might take longer. I had some of my tattoos heal in 4-5 days and others almost 3-4 weeks. Now your tattoo is going to look shinny and a bit weird. That’s okay, it’s still settling into your skin. Moisturise it once a day for few months. Keep it away from sun. Use spf 50 sunscreen on it if needed.

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